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Job Title: RESERVOIR GEOLOGIST (New Job Offer release)

Functional Role Level: Minimum Functional Role: Specialist

Alternative job title (Industry benchmark):

Location: Office / Logistics Base


Job Purpose

To evaluate hydrocarbon potential, assessing well locations, determining well requirements and data acquisition procedures, and to construct integrated 3D geocellular models honoring all geoscience and petrophysical data to maximize value of the asset. Support risk analysis and uncertainties evaluation processes.

Main responsabilities

- Overall technical integrity of geological studies;
- Accurate identification and reporting of key uncertainties in subsurface data interpretations.

Key activities

- Preparing and/or supervising geological studies.
- Building geocellular 3D earth models which include: geometry reconstruction, well correlation, integrated petrophysical characterization, modelling of facies and petrophysical parameters, volumetric evaluation;
- Contributing in identifying possible actions to ensure maximum efficiency in the development plan;
- Assessing hydrocarbon potential of development, delineation and existing discovery projects;
- Reservoir characterization, defining and describing hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs;
- Identifying key uncertainties in subsurface data and interpretations, preparing alternative possibilities as required;
- Making evaluations and recommendations from visits to data rooms;
- Contributing to the preparation of reporting and technical studies;
- Geological support and follow up of drilling and completion activities;
- Geological interface for other departments, contractors and HQ specialists.
- Geological reference for partner requests and workshops to discuss about the ongoing activities.
- Support to reserve certification process, collection of data, model computation and presentation to the third party.

Reports to: Reservoir Manager or Reservoir Studies Coordinator


Main Internal Interfaces

- HQ reservoir team;
- G&G, Labs, Drilling.

Main External Interfaces

- Service Companies;
- Software Houses.

Other information:

Education: Master Degree in Geology

Professional Qualifications


- English (fluent)
- French (fluent)

Required Experience

With 3-5 years experience in reservoir geology and/or >5 years experience in the O&G Industry

Required knowledge, technical or professional skills


Well Data Acquisition & Eval.: Geology. & Drilling well program, Interpr. surface logging hydrocarbon shows data (GWD, QFT), Pore pressure prediction/evaluation, Coring, Well Seismic acquisition, Wireline formation testing RFT, Logs Acquisition, QC and Follow up, Well Test Design & field follow-up, PVT sampling design.

Res. Characterisation: Geostatistical Reservoir Characterisation, Fractured Reservoir Characterisation.                                                                                                                         

Reservoir Modelling: 2D Geometric model, 3D Geometric model, fault modeling, pressure analysis and compartment definition, History Match, Technical reserves evaluation.

- GLOBAL: Data Management; Project Management; Risk Analysis & Management; Reserves; Organization Processes; Workflow & Best Practice.

Preferable additional competences:

- EXPLORATION: Prospect Generation & Eval.;

- GEOPHYSICS: Microseismic & Geophys. Monitoring, Potential Methods, Seismic Stratigraphy & Reservoir seismic Interpretation;

- RESERVOIR GEOLOGY: Geochemistry, Petrography, Basin Geology, Structural Geology; Sedimentology, Petrophysics, Experimental Petrophysicist, Rock Mechanics, Geodynamics;

- DRILLING: Drilling Activities, Completion Activities;

Software knowledge

- Petrel
- Techlog
- Microsoft Office package

Required personal capabilities

- Problem Solving 

- Critical thinking

- Managing uncertainty

- Communication and listening

- Dialogue

- Decision Making

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